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Got a challenge? Share it with us! From AI to HR, and Sustainability to Psychology - any topic works!

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Submit your challenge and get connected with lecturers and their students from prestigious educational institutions who are eager to solve your challenges as part of their courses.

In short

  • The student teams will work between 100 and 300 hours on a challenge (this varies per course).
  • Any subject is possible. For example HR, Sustainability, Marketing, AI, Machine Learning, Innovation, Business or Data Science.
  • The students are guided and supervised from the universities faculty.
  • In addition to students working on your project, you also have the opportunity to connect with soon-to-graduate talent.

How does it work?

  • We are collaborating with several universities, such as the Utrecht University, University of Amsterdam, Vrije Universiteit, Radboud University, Twente University, Tilburg University, and Hogeschool Utrecht.
  • When you submit an Open Challenge, your project is added to our platform.
  • Lecturers from different universities can discover your project in the platform, and invite you to participate in their course.
  • On average, companies typically allocate between 6 to 10 hours for their engagement. This includes activities such as a kick-off presentation, weekly one-hour Zoom calls, regular email check-ins, and a concluding presentation.
  • After creating an account, submitting a challenge just takes a couple of minutes.
  • For the majority of universities, participation is offered free of charge.

Some examples from previous courses

Rethinking Startup Scalability - University of Amsterdam

‘‘The students managed to deliver what we discussed. They researched and formed a hiring strategy and in their report they explained how we can improve our interviews and how we can prevent bias. Aside from that, they helped us improving our website and gave us ideas on how we can have a bigger reach for our job postings.’’

Goziëm Frijmersum, founder of Windkracht 5. 👉 Link to blogpost

Intrapreneurship - Utrecht University

"The team took initiative, committed from day one and showed enthusiasm and flexibility. It is great that Master Challenge makes sure there is a good fit and that you get paired with a team that is dedicated to work on your specific challenge. I was impressed by the students’ professionalism and level.’’

Camilla Stahl, Innovation Manager at Ikea. 👉 Link to blogpost

Internship Data-Driven Consultancy - University of Amsterdam

‘‘We created an internship position for Thomas. The main conclusion after the Master Challenge was that this project needs some deepening and some extra collaboration with the business. Thomas is excited to continue working on the same challenge.‘‘

Fleur Doorman, Data Scientist at PostNL. 👉 Link to blogpost

Diversity and Inclusion at Work - Tilburg University

“My overall experience of participating in this challenge and working with the students was extremely positive, pleasant, and professional.”

Artur Lorincz, CEO at Enlight Ed. 👉 Link to blogpost

Next steps

Do you have a challenge in mind? Feel free to submit it below. If you need assistance in shaping your challenge, don't hesitate to explore our 'Challenge Generator Tool' for inspiration.

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