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A challenge space describes what kind of challenges are requested for a specific course. Submit a short-term real-life challenge. Any questions? Or would you like to discuss a potential challenge?

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Brain and Cognition ChallengePhoto by Unsplash (View author)

Brain and Cognition Challenge

Period: 01-11-2021 - 26-11-2021Universiteit van Amsterdam

Let talented Master Psychology students help you apply brain and cognition knowledge in a practically relevant and beneficial way (e.g. influencing/nudging customers).

Challenge submission closes at 15-10-2021

AI Business Challenge

Period: 11-10-2021 - 30-11-2021Master Challenge

Let talented Artificial Intelligence students optimise and automate your business processes using AI and blockchain techniques (Oct-Nov | 150 working hours). Get a working prototype, useful recommendations and access to talent!

Challenge submission closes at 24-09-2021
Effective Media ChallengePhoto by Unsplash (View author)
Media and Entertainment

Effective Media Challenge

Period: 01-11-2021 - 17-12-2021Universiteit van Amsterdam

Let talented students from the Master Communication Science develop a prototype idea for an effective media entertainment product.

Challenge submission closes at 27-09-2021
Social Entrepreneurship ChallengePhoto by Unsplash (View author)

Social Entrepreneurship Challenge

Period: 11-11-2021 - 16-12-2021Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

Let talented students from the Master Entrepreneurship help you to start, improve, or boost your social impact.

Challenge submission closes at 15-10-2021
Doing Business in Emerging Countries ChallengePhoto by Unsplash (View author)

Doing Business in Emerging Countries Challenge

Period: 02-11-2021 - 16-12-2021Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

Are you planning to do (more) business in emerging countries such as Brazil, India, Indonesia, Mexico, Romania, etc? Let talented master students from the master Business Administration help your company do business in those countries.

Challenge submission closes at 15-10-2021
Business & ICT ChallengePhoto by Unsplash (View author)

Business & ICT Challenge

Period: 09-09-2021 - 16-12-2021Leiden University

Talented 3rd year Bachelor students Informatics & Economics will help your company by solving a business/ICT challenge, such as making your business processes more efficient, improving your IT-infrastructure, or setting up an information system.

Organizational Change ChallengePhoto by Unsplash (View author)

Organizational Change Challenge

Period: 29-09-2021 - 20-10-2021Rotterdam School of Management

Looking for new insights into the current change dynamics in your organisation? Talented students of the Master HRM and Change (Rotterdam School of Management) will help your company to diagnose change related challenges!

Branding ChallengePhoto by Unsplash (View author)

Branding Challenge

Period: 05-11-2021 - 29-01-2022Radboud University

Let talented Master Business Administration students improve your company's branding.

Challenge submission closes at 30-09-2021
Sustainability through Collaboration ChallengePhoto by Unsplash (View author)

Sustainability through Collaboration Challenge

Period: 03-02-2022 - 18-03-2022Radboud University

During the Sustainability Challenge a team of master students will help you explore and set up collaborations and partnerships, in order to stimulate innovations, with the end goal of sustainability.

Challenge submission closes at 30-11-2021