Efficiently matching education and practice

For educational institutions to organize challenge based education at scale.

Problem solving

Challenge based education is on the rise! Students appreciate working on relevant challenges from external stakeholders. It allows them to learn by doing, it improves their skills, and it boosts their employability. However, organizing challenge based education at scale, is a challenge in itself. That's why we created the Master Challenge platform.

Trusted by the following institutions

  • Universiteit van Amsterdam
  • Universiteit Utrecht
  • Hogeschool Utrecht

Showcase courses looking for challenges

Recruit challenges in one place, embedded on the university website.

Create a “Call for Challenges” per course or program, which will be visible on the university website. This makes it easy for external stakeholders to find courses looking for challenges, and to submit challenges if they see a fit.

Student team

Student team-challenge matching

Effortlessly form student teams and match them to challenges.

Once challenges are submitted, the lecturer can easily review and approve them. The matching tool allows for a smooth team formation and matchmaking process.

Open challenges

Explore the open challenge database, and easily find suitable challenges.

The Open Challenge feature allows external stakeholders to submit any challenge. This growing database is ready for lecturers to be explored when they are looking for challenges for their courses.

Open challenges

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Save time and resourcesSave time and resources

Showcase the courses and programmes that are looking for challenges in one place. This makes it way more efficient to recruit projects, saving a lot of time and resources.

Improve user experienceImprove user experience for everyone involved

By organising recruitment and matching in one single platform, all users (students, lecturers, and external stakeholders) have a better experience.

Boost challengeBoost challenge-based education

The matching platform makes it easier to organise challenge-based learning at scale and to convince lecturers to adopt this type of education.

In need of challenges?

Let us help out!

Challenge recruitment service.

We can help out with challenge recruitment. We have our own database with external stakeholders. Next to that, we developed an efficient way to search for and reach out to relevant external stakeholders. Challenge recruitment can also be a joint effort.


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